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The mythical Greendale beckons!

The fall of the Empire of Sharindral shook the continent of Alduria to its core, toppling many established institutions and traditions, plunging the continent into a massive civil war. Now, over two hundred years since the Fall, things have started to settle down, and new nations have risen from the ashes. One of these is the Free City of Hawksbury.

And yet, many a wild place still remains, not least of them the Baden Wilds.

Our story opens as travelers depart from the city to follow that most seductive siren song of all, the promise of wealth, glory, and excitement. The call to adventure is heard!

Now, as new heroes come face to face with the legends and myths of times gone by, the future of Alduria is anything but certain…

Home Page

Dawnfall: The Greendale Campaign The_White_Sorcerer